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Monday, June 21, 2010

With You

I originally wrote this in Ghent (or Brussels?) in early January, but I've had trouble tying it all together. I'm still not competely satisfied with it, but I am content, so here goes.

Edit: Ugh. There are a few lines which just won't work... the first stanza is so seperate from the rest of the poem; I am sorely tempted to cut it out entirely, but I have very difficult-to-explain reasons for wanting to keep it.
Edit again: Yeah. I think the first stanza is the biggest problem. Until/unless I find a way to express what the first stanza is supposed to express, consider the poem to start with "Through days and day-dreams".
Edit again (again): I've removed the first stanza from this post.

Through days and day-dreams, I walk alone,
along ancient ways on cobblestones.

Yet in all my wandering, there is one thought
which fills my heart:
I would like,at last,
to be warm at Home.
In Bed.

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