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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another poem.

Can't think of a title:

A man. A woman.
Sitting on the steps
of a Church in London.

A stifling silence.
Seconds fade. The man sighs,
"So what are we to do?
Will you be my tragic muse?"

A mirthless smile.
A soft sad kiss on the shoulder.
And a heavy, hesitant stance.

A man. Sitting
silently on the steps
of a churchyard, thinking.

Categories of paths; functors and natural transformations...

Somehow blogger screwed up, and a post I started (but never finished) a long time ago is "older" than another post of mine. It's about path categories, and higher categories... Hopefully worth a read?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Mu is a Japanese word. I'll let you look it up there, since it's easier.

Programmers tend to like to re-imagine koans and Buddhist stories; so here's a classic question re-envisioned.

Prelude> Does the dog have the Haskell nature?

Couldn't match expected type `Human' against inferred type `Dog'.
In the first argument of `Haskell nature?', namely `dog'
In the expression "Does the dog have the Haskell nature?"

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