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Friday, May 22, 2009


It's been a while since, I've given you a poem, eh?


Multitudes, multidudes in the valley of derision!
But the glory of the Lord is near in the valley of decisions,
and a wicked wind blows through the sea of visions
and revisions before the taking of toast and tea.

In His house we come and go,
talking, oh, of Michaelangelo.

Remember when David danced in his ephod?
Well, I stood by and scoffed:
The king of Israel naked (with the slave girls!)
for all the world to see!

And centuries later:
"Your mind is not far from the kingdom of Heaven."
My mind is close! O my soul, rejoice!
But, O soul, alack!
It seems you've fled the winter of despair,
and won't be coming back.

These pedals on a wet black bough,
they'll fall off soon, any day now--
drifting to the ground
like nameless faces, wandering through the crowd;
While my mind, lofty, in the clouds,
crashes into a mountain, and comes tumbling down.

There will be another one shortly.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer goals

Here's a tentative list of things I want to get done this summer... As with every break, I hardly expect to get all of it done:

There's more, I'm sure... There's always more.
Edit: Oh, dear! I got none of those done... sigh.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


You will not be able to stay home, blogger.

You will not be able to dial up, log in and cop out.

You will not be able to watch the revolution unfold on your RSS feed because the revolution will not be tweeted.

The revolution will not be tweeted; the revolution will not cost ninety-nine cents from iTunes; the revolution will not appear on Fark, Digg, Reddit or Metafilter, nor be brought to you by Randall Munroe, Ben Croshaw, Jack Thompson, Ron Paul or Stephen Colbert. The revolution will not be tagged "nsfw" or locked for editing by newly-registered users due to persistent vandalism.

The revolution will not have rounded corners because the revolution will not be tweeted.

Read the whole thing here. Also read all of Fine Structure.
Creative Commons License Cory Knapp.