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Friday, October 3, 2008


Do we, as a society, understand the notion of mystery? We explain everything away, so that even that which is "mysterious" to us isn't really a mystery, isn't something mystifying and awe inspiring: its something to coldly study...

The lack of mystery is among the many things that we are missing. Mystery drives us, it fills us with passion; it moves us.

Almost no one feels that mystery. Maybe in the past not many people did... maybe it's only those with above average intellect who actually feel mystery and are inspired by it, and in the past they were the only ones who wrote, so the apparent lack of mystery in our lives is just the result of biased data.

But I think even most of those who "explore" the universe don't feel mystery in their daily lives. I think we have a habit of just accepting the world and moving on...

I think that's a problem.

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