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Monday, October 15, 2007

I know... I know.

I've finally broken down and created a blag. Here go writings, rants, and fun things I find through the intar-tubes and elsewhere.

First, allow me to apologize: I know; it's a blog. I'm sorry.
And more apology (although using a slightly more obscure definition): I decided I should consolidate all my (illustrious in neither scope nor scale) writings into one place, and one which is accessible from anywhere. Namely, the internet. I also occasionally decide to rant about something that really doesn't matter. Also, I like to rave about fun things... Like math.

On that note:
1) I recently stumbled across It's got some rather interesting sci-fi. Mostly, I'm impressed by the great homages to Borges and Assimov.
2) I've decided to start naming my computers after mathematicians, starting with Pythagoras, and working toward present day. I kind of want to skip Aristotle, because he was an idiot, but I guess he did contribute in his own way...

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